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TransCelerate Launches Leadership Lens Video Series

Recently, TransCelerate has created the “Leadership Lens,” a new series of videos from leaders of TransCelerate as they discuss the importance and impact of TransCelerate and its work from their perspectives. The new series kicks off with an interview with TransCelerate’s CEO, Dalvir Gill. In his video, Dalvir explains the unique way TransCelerate has positioned itself to provide transparent collaborations and solutions between various pharmaceutical companies.

The next video in our Leadership Lens Series features Roche’s Senior Vice President, Global Head of Pharma Regulatory and Policy, Michelle Rohrer. Michelle, who also serves as Chair of the Board for TransCelerate, explains the importance of our solutions gives and examples of how these initiatives have been adopted throughout our Member Companies.

Check out the videos below. We look forward to sharing more thought leadership videos as we continue our series.

Leadership Lens Video Series with TransCelerate CEO, Dalvir Gill.
Leadership Lens Video Series with SVP, Global Head of Pharma Regulatory and Policy; Chair of the Board, TransCelerate, Michelle Rohrer.