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Despite the Pandemic, 2020 Brought Immense Innovation Across the Biopharmaceutical Research Ecosystem

Organizations faced the unexpected in 2020 and ours was no exception. We’re proud of our members who worked together to face these new challenges and collaborate on ways new technologies can help us improve the resilience, efficiency and safety of biopharmaceutical research. Our 2020: Year-End Achievements report highlights the launch of new solutions, existing solutions that supported operational continuity, contributed case studies, COVID-19 research impact, and guidance provided on continuity solutions for clinical trials during the pandemic.

Report Overview

The year-end report provides an overview on the following initiative work we delivered this past year for both BioCelerate and TransCelerate. Some highlights include:

  • Built and launched a COVID-19 module in DataCelerate®, available to both non-Member and Member Companies
  • Published 17 peer-reviewed journal manuscripts or whitepapers across nonclinical, clinical, and pharmacovigilance topics
  • Delivered 34 solutions to help sites, sponsors, patients, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders
  • Promoted Janice Chang to Chief Operating Officer
  • Published three press releases touting our progress in COVID-19 data sharing efforts and the establishment of four new initiatives
  • Designed a new website and introduced new features and pages for site visitors

Lessons Learned

While this past year was one of disruption, we saw immense innovation across the biopharmaceutical research ecosystem. 2020 provided many of us in R&D with a new sense of clarity, mission, and purpose. For many, the pandemic was a reminder that we are all interconnected and that it is imperative to have an ecosystem that allows collaboration to overcome shared obstacles.

We have highlighted many achievements in our 2020: Year End Report. However, it is our belief that the focus of 2020 was on lessons learned and a new optimism for the future. Let’s continue our collective mission to improve the lives of millions.

Visit our News Center to keep up with the latest news and updates from TransCelerate and read end-of-year achievement reports from years past.

By Leigh Anne Minnier, Communications Manager at TransCelerate Biopharma, Inc.