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Learning From the Past as We Look to the Future

This October, TransCelerate will mark its 10-year anniversary. As we reflect upon the past decade, we have asked several of our senior leaders and members of our Board of Directors to share their perspectives on the impact of TransCelerate’s work and collaboration as well as our successes and impact within the R&D ecosystem.

To begin this series, TransCelerate CEO Dalvir Gill discussed the early beginnings of our organization and how the careful consideration to our structure, insight and leadership from the Member Companies, and dedication to the mission and principles established an organization that was built to succeed where others have not. The importance of the early, foundational work directly correlates to the transformational work that TransCelerate is taking on today. To watch Dalvir’s video and hear his insights, click the video below.

Our next video featured former Board of Directors Chair from Pfizer, Rod MacKenzie, who shared his thoughts on the importance of the TransCelerate collaboration and the direct impact our work has had to accelerate and simplify the processes related to development of the COVID-19 vaccine. Rod recognized this effort and the efforts of TransCelerate within the vaccine development process in his video when he said,

“If TransCelerate hadn’t existed prior to 2020 we would have had to create a similar organization from scratch. Because, without its established collaborative model and the ways it has already improved R&D over the last decade, we simply would have not been able to swiftly address such a dramatic and urgent public health need like COVID-19.”

Each month through the remainder of the year, we will release a new video in the series through our internal and external networks. Connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter to share our videos there with your network.