Diversity of Participants in Clinical Trials Solutions

TransCelerate has long been recognized as a facilitator of cross-industry knowledge and data sharing. We are leveraging this strength by developing solutions to equip sponsors and ecosystem stakeholders with the tools and resources needed to improve outcomes related to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in clinical trials.

Developing and implementing robust clinical trials strategies to enhance inclusivity of underrepresented patient populations requires multi-stakeholder engagement and collaboration. Sponsor engagement and collaboration across each of these stakeholder groups (e.g. patient groups, clinical research sites, trade organizations, etc.) is essential to improving the representation of diverse patient populations in clinical trials as well as patient outcomes.

The available solutions as part of the Diversity of Participants in Clinical Trials initiative provide an aggregated collection of shared information and insights across the ecosystem.  These solutions include (but are not limited to) diversity roundtable events, experience-based resources for sponsors, a diversity regulation landscape assessment, and pragmatic toolkits inclusive of templates and tools to be leveraged by the broader healthcare ecosystem.

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