Data Monitoring Committee

The Data Monitoring Committee Initiative aims to facilitate development of a means of expanding clinical trial sponsors’ access to a broader pool of candidates when convening DMCs, and to provide an approach for newly identified individuals to gain experience through mentoring relationships.


The Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) Initiative addresses the challenge of a limited and diminishing number of experienced candidates available for service on DMCs, in the face of increasing clinical trial monitoring needs. This initiative aims to identify a means of expanding clinical trial sponsors’ access to a broader pool of sufficiently skilled candidates when convening DMCs.


  • Enhance skills and number of candidates capable of serving on DMCs, benefiting both individuals desiring to serve on DMCs and sponsors searching for competent DMC members
  • More options for sponsors in selecting DMC members
  • Increase DMC candidate visibility to clinical trial sponsors (thus increasing opportunities to impact cutting-edge research)

Available Solutions

Continue to our Initiative Solutions to read more on the DMC Registry and Apprenticeship Model.

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