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Clinical Research Awareness Solutions

The Clinical Research Awareness Initiative targets TransCelerate’s strategic priority of improving the patient experience by better informing patients that are participating in clinical trials. As of January 2021, the Clinical Research Initiative is completed. There are no new solutions or updates planned.

Clinical trial participation is often not considered by patients or their health care providers and is driven by, among other factors, a lack of familiarity and general public engagement with clinical research. Meanwhile, the role of patients and health consumers continues to evolve as they take more ownership of their own health care and decisions about care options.

Clinical Research Awareness seeks to educate the public about clinical research and encourage conversations about clinical trials between patients and their health care providers.

Clinical Research Awareness Materials



This paper explores shared decision-making in patient-provider conversations with the aim to enable patients to better understand clinical trials as an option.

This paper aims to enable researchers to assess the value and measures the impact of Shared Decision Making (SDM) on patient and HCP satisfaction.