Investigator Registry

The Investigator Registry Initiative enhances TransCelerate’s Shared Investigator Platform, and accelerates identification and recruitment of qualified investigators, which will avoid duplication of standard site qualification and the creation of investigator documentation, and thereby reducing cost and trial length. The Investigator Registry Initiative is completed. There are no new deliverables or updates planned.

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Clinical trial sponsors frequently invest significant time and resources in identifying qualified investigators and establishing study sites. Delays and difficulties obtaining information around the site experiences and qualifications of an investigator often delays crucial trials. Investigators also spend considerable effort in searching for research opportunities. With these challenges in mind, the Investigator Registry was created as a shared repository of business contact details for consenting investigators and study participation information. This initiative has accelerated the identification and recruitment of qualified investigators, and increased the accuracy of study timeline planning, thereby reducing trial length and cost impact.


Benefits for Member Companies

  • Ability to share study enrollment data at the protocol and country levels for planning purposes; improved quality and consistency of study enrollment data
  • Potential to view investigator-level enrollment data
  • One definitive source of experienced investigators

Benefits for Investigators

  • Reduced burden to constantly update multiple records
  • Expanded access to research opportunities by making investigators known to more sponsors

Benefits for Patients

  • Improved communication between investigators and patients due to the expected improved relationship between investigators and Sponsors

Available Solutions

TransCelerate, in collaboration with DrugDev, is working to streamline clinical trial processes by allowing TransCelerate Member Companies to pool data from consenting investigators together into a centralized, cloud-based resource. The resource will lead to faster identification and recruitment of qualified investigators based on previous experience and will prevent duplication of site qualification activities.

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