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Our Impact

The efforts of TransCelerate’s members has resulted in an accelerated pace of solution delivery and a transformative impact to improve the R&D ecosystem.

Collaboratively developed solutions, most free for public use, enable TransCelerate’s mission to drive the efficient, effective, and high-quality delivery of new medicines.

TransCelerate solutions have been downloaded by people from across 136+ countries by both large and emerging biopharmaceutical companies along with Academia, Clinical Research Organizations, Investigator Sites, Government Agencies, and other consortia to accelerate clinical research.

Solution Implementation Experiences

TransCelerate has received 100+ experiences reported from organizations that have implemented and benefited from TransCelerate solutions. The rotating carousel below features some of the most impactful implementation experiences to date. You can click each implementation experience highlight to download a shareable PDF.  

If you would like to submit a solution implementation experience to TransCelerate, you can go to the Engage with Us page to fill in the “Share Your Implementation Experience” form.