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TransCelerate Launches New Blog: Accelerate to Innovate

While a global pandemic is threating the lives of billions, it is more important than ever to improve the public’s understanding of clinical research and how it contributes to a healthier world. As a part of a broader ecosystem composed of passionate and dedicated researchers and scientists interested in solving the toughest health challenges, we created this blog, Accelerate to Innovate, to improve public understanding of research & development, and to provide our audience with additional updates on TransCelerate BioPharma’s work and solutions. 

In the coming months, we will plan to share updates on COVID-19 related work, including how the industry is using DataCelerate® to share data efficiently and securely between organizations that will improve understanding of the novel coronavirus and accelerate the development of vaccines and therapies. 

This blog will also provide information on how our existing and new solutions can be used by clinical trial stakeholders to boost the resiliency of the R&D process in this uncertain time. In addition, posts will discuss and analyze how the R&D community is pivoting and innovating in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The blog will also feature interviews with members of our Board of Directors and initiative-level leaders and team members discussing both their direct work with TransCelerate and broader discussions on current issues and trends in R&D.  This will show that scientific study and the development of new medicines is driven, not by faceless entities, but by dedicated scientists, researchers and other professionals that make up the biopharmaceutical industry. 

Lastly, expect to see posts that include event recaps of both TransCelerate events and webinars as well as external industry events that TransCelerate participates in as well as any other news, such as partnerships and other developments that we are involved in.  

If you have any suggestions for the type of posts you would like to see, please head over to our “Engage With Us” page and drop us a line. We are excited to begin this new chapter of our journey and feel this blog will provide a deeper understanding of the life sciences industry and our place within the R&D ecosystem. 

About the author:

Jennifer Burgess has responsibility for all aspects of internal and external communications, public & media relations, social & digital communications, industry conferences & events, as well as overall member and industry engagement. Jennifer works closely with TransCelerate & Member Company leaders to design and execute a global communications and engagement strategy to continue to build awareness and increase knowledge of TransCelerate’s mission and industry-impacting solutions.

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