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TransCelerate Represents Multiple Initiatives at the Society of Clinical Research and Sites Global Summit

Our team at TransCelerate, along with our Member Company experts, traveled down to Hollywood, Florida in October to participate in the 2022 Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) Global Site Solutions Summit.

From the first day at SCRS you could feel the energy in the room as thousands of attendees gathered in the exhibition hall to reconnect, collaborate, and learn more about best practices and ideas within the industry. The conference kicked off with a grand entrance that welcomed all attendees to get ready for networking, sessions, and ideation.

We hosted a TransCelerate Experience at the conference where attendees could meet with us to learn more about our mission, provide real-time feedback on TransCelerate solutions, and learn about our tools directly from some of the Member Company team members that they themselves helped to create.

Michelle Crouthamel (AbbVie) discusses TransCelerate’s solutions with an attendee.

Our Patient Technology team member Michelle Crouthamel (AbbVie) was present at SCRS to focus on Digital Health Technologies (DHT) and speak to the recent draft guidance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Michelle was able to connect with many attendees who were interested in learning more about digital health technology and how to overcome the challenges of implementation of DHTs in clinical trials. It was also a great opportunity to have those who were attending on behalf of their site take a quick survey about any infrastructure gaps in DHT studies to further help TransCelerate’s efforts within this space.

TransCelerate was also excited to have Pete Schaeffer (GSK) representing both our Patient Experience and Diversity of Participants in Clinical Trials Initiatives at SCRS Global Summit. Pete interacted with attendees to share the development of a Patient Gratitude Toolkit that will include key considerations and templates for sponsors and sites to show their thanks to clinical trial participants and their caregivers. We shared outputs from a recent Site Advocacy Group for our Diversity of Participants in Clinical Trials Initiative that provided valuable insight on challenges, mitigation strategies, and resources needed to support the implementation of solutions to increase diversity in clinical trials. There was a lot of engagement surrounding these initiatives, especially from attendees wanting to know what other solutions are in the pipeline for 2023.

The conference commenced on Sunday, October 9 with TransCelerate COO Janice Chang and VP of Global Engagement and Communications Jennifer Burgess speaking on a plenary panel about the collaboration we have seen with SCRS over the last 10 years. It was an insightful discussion as Jennifer facilitated questions and answers about the importance of biopharma, consortiums, CROs, sponsors, and sites coming together to find new therapies at an accelerated pace to ultimately impact the patient journey in the most positive way.

TransCelerate’s VP of Global Communications and Engagement, Jennifer Burgess facilitates plenary panel with TransCelerate COO, Janice Chang.

We thank the hard work of our SCRS colleagues, our Member Company experts Michelle and Pete, and all those who attended the conference on behalf of improving the lives of patients around the world. We are looking forward to next year’s SCRS Summit and sharing more of our solutions and deliverables.

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