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Since the launch of the Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) Initiative, TransCelerate Member Companies have conducted extensive research to determine the efficacy of its model RBM methodology, as well as uncover new findings and implications. These publications and updates represent the learnings and evolution of the RBM methodology over time.


In the interactive graphic below, scroll over each icon and hold your mouse there to read a summary of the research paper; clicking on the icons will take you to the original publications.
Risk-Based Monitoring Methodology Position Paper, May 2013

This is the foundational paper that describes TransCelerate’s model risk-based monitoring (RBM) methodology and the shift from On-Site monitoring and Source Data Verification (SDV) to comprehensive, analytics-based Centralized and Off-site monitoring.

TransCelerate RBM Update – Volume I, January 2014

After publishing the RBM Methodology Position Paper in 2013, the RBM team worked to network the concepts and embarked on piloting and assessing experience among those companies that piloted the methodology. The purpose of this paper is to share feedback from TransCelerate Member Companies on their experiences with RBM.

TransCelerate RBM Update – Volume II, July 2014

This paper reflects on the first half of 2014, and shares new and relevant information on the accomplishments of the RBM team, including the Risk Assessment and Categorization Tool (RACT), Centralized monitoring capability, technology considerations and external engagement.

TransCelerate RBM Update – Volume III, November 2014

This update explores outputs in the second half of 2014, and reveals new findings on the accomplishments of the RBM team, including publications that further the understanding of RBM, Q2 quantitative performance metrics, external engagement updates, and upcoming deliverables in 2015.

TransCelerate RBM Update – Volume IV, June 2015

This update looks at tangible outputs during the first half of 2015, and addresses frequently asked questions, RACT best practices, quantitative performance metrics, external engagement updates and deliverables for the remainder of 2015.

TransCelerate RBM Update – Volume V, January 2016

This paper examines RBM outputs and initiative activities in the second half of 2015, and shares insights on the eight quantitative metrics associated with how RBM is working. The paper also highlights some recently completed work from the team, such as the Risk Indicator Library and new external papers.

Section 4: Research Milestones

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