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Clinical Trial Diversification

This Initiative has achieved its goal of developing better practice materials for Site and Sponsors to improve engagement and recruitment of minority patient populations. To learn more about this Initiative’s mission and accomplishments please continuing reading below.


Minority patients have often been underrepresented in clinical trials. Despite various safety, clinical, regulatory, commercial and ethical needs to increase the representativeness of trials, study teams are often unaware of the need for diversity and the resources available to improve the recruitment and retention rates of racially and ethnically diverse populations.

A broader recognition of the benefits and techniques of improving diversity in clinical trials is needed. TransCelerate’s Clinical Trial Diversification Initiative enhances the racial and ethnic diversity of clinical trial populations by helping sponsors achieve trials that are representative of the indicated population.


The Clinical Trial Diversification Initiative, through practices and tools, delivers a broader understanding of the need for representative trials, and how best to help sponsor companies meet the trial needs of patients, clinicians and regulators.

Available Assets

The Initiative has developed sponsor and clinical trial site guidance on better practices and processes for minority recruitment. The guidance focuses on six key areas.

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