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TransCelerate Event

Webinar: Helping companies create a quality foundation for today’s clinical trial ecosystem using key disciplines (QMS, RBM, QTL and Protocol Deviations)

This webinar took place on October 29, 2020. You can watch a recording of the webinar on our YouTube Channel and download a PDF of the presentation.

Join us for a panel discussion as experts explore how TransCelerate’s Quality Management System, Risk-Based Monitoring, Quality Tolerance Limits, and Protocol Deviations (e.g. Quality Quartet) initiatives can help sponsors create a foundation of quality which includes trial, program/compound and organizational levels. To view the accompanying slides to the webinar, click here.

If implemented holistically, the Quality Quartet can:

  • Increase the resilience of the clinical research environment during crises situations
  • Provide essential feedback loops to ensure all the components are working together in symphony
  • Increase quality across the clinical trial ecosystem
  • Provide early warning signals when quality may be at risk

Discover a holistic view of, and the synergies between, the Quality Quartet initiatives, also known as Risk-Based Quality Management or RBQM. Hear practical use cases and points of application of the solutions across the clinical trial process.

This webinar is designed for professionals from pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies; CROs; and other clinical trial service providers whose responsibilities involve the following:

  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  • Clinical Quality Assurance (CQA)
  • Clinical Quality Control (CQC)
  • Clinical Trial Operations/Management
  • Clinical Research
  • Quality Management/Global Quality Management
  • Audits/Inspections
  • Compliance/Global Compliance
  • Data Management/Systems Operations
  • Clinical Monitoring