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TransCelerate Event

TransCelerate Hackathon: Digitizing Clinical Study Design

The TransCelerate Digital Data Flow initiative (DDF) will conduct a virtual Hackathon from March 9 to April 7 to:

  • Evaluate feasibility of the published Solution Framework and Conceptual Design
  • Assess vendor readiness to build such a solution, and bring visibility to DDF
  • During the Hackathon, multiple vendors will develop technical demonstrations of components of a study builder, design repository, and/or exchange platform
  • The learnings from the Hackathon will be used to inform design elements as well as the future direction of the DDF project

The organization is inviting creative problem solvers to address one of the most vexing challenges in clinical research operations. Clinical study methods have long been stuck in the past, and we need you to give them a digital transformation. Clinical study planning is currently done through a series of manual activities accomplished in a document-based environment. This results in significant duplication of efforts and numerous inefficiencies. We are looking for solutions to transform the document-based to a content driven-data, design, workflow and management system.