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Industry Event

SCRS Global Summit

The Summit provides a unique hub where sites, sponsors, CRO executives, and regulators come together to discuss best practices and ideas while developing strategic partnerships through ideation sessions, workshops, and focus groups.

TransCelerate will be hosting a TransCelerate Experience for our Patient Experience, Patient Technology, and Diversity of Participants in Clinical Trials Initiatives. We are also delighted to have a plenary spot at SCRS this year with TransCelerate COO Janice Chang, VP of Global Communications and Engagement, Jennifer Burgess, Belinda Gardner (Pfizer), Allyson Small (SCRS), and David Vulcano (SCRS). The session titled, “Real Impact of Industry Collaboration presented by TransCelerate” will reflect on the early days where TransCelerate member companies came together to identify and create common forms and the development of the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training and attestation. Discover site-level tools available now with real value stories and use cases to help you implement into your business today.