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Industry Event

Patients as Partners EU

Patients as Partners EU demonstrates how patient engagement and involvement gets done. It’s co-produced with industry, patient advocacy and public sector voices that provide the “know-how” to turn ideas into action. And as COVID-19 creates a new normal in clinical research, it’s more critical than ever to involve patients in every aspect of R&D, including decentralized trials which can help to support diverse representation.

Join TransCelerate for a session entitled “Leveraging Critical Insights from Patients in All Trial Protocols to Create More Patient-Friendly Studies.” In 2020, TransCelerate presented its Patient Engagement toolkit. In this session, learn how GSK has adopted and modified the toolkit to optimize patient input at protocol review.  More specifically:

  • Modifying the P-PET tool for implementation
  • The methods used to leverage patient input for all trial protocols
  • Practicalities and pitfalls
  • Some of the barriers and motivators revealed by patients in designing trials
  • How this information is fed back to ensure implementation within the design
  • Learnings from the process