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TransCelerate Event

An Overview of TransCelerate’s Clinical Trial Registration Tool

This webinar took place on February 11, 2020. You can watch a recording of the webinar on our YouTube Channel and download a PDF of the presentation.

TransCelerate’s Clinical Research Access Initiative took on the challenge to improve the quality of the data in the public domain on clinical research options. One of the largest resources utilized by the public to locate clinical trials is Based on our research, there are some gaps between the information sponsors place on the registries versus what patients want to know about clinical trials. Focusing on the two data fields “Brief Title” and “Brief Summary” within, we created a tool to support sponsors analyzing and improving the quality of their trial submissions to meet the needs of both the registry owners and the patients.

Learning Objectives:  Attendees will learn about:

  • Introduction to TransCelerate & the Clinical Research Access and Information Exchange (CRAIE) Initiative
  • Patient preferences for registry information and related NIH guidelines
  • The Clinical Trial Registration Tool; a tool that allows for improving registration, specifically around the Brief Title and Brief Summary fields
  • Examples of poor Brief Title and Brief Summary responses with strategies on how to improve them
  • The webinar will also include an interactive discussion where attendees can ask the presenters questions live

Target Audience: 

  • Key stakeholders:  the Transparency/Disclosure/Trial Registration Department or the Medical/Regulatory Writing Departments within your organization
  • Clinical Study Sponsor Companies, Patient Advocacy Boards, Clinical Research Sites, Contract Research Organizations and anyone who is interested in improving clinical trial registration data by taking patient insights and NIH guidance into consideration