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TransCelerate Event

How to Make Clinical Trials Patient-Centric: An Overview of TransCelerate’s Study Participant Feedback Questionnaire (SPFQ) Toolkit

This webinar took place on November 6, 2019. You can watch a recording of the webinar on our YouTube Channel and download a PDF of the presentation.

Although clinical study sponsors recognize the importance of partnering with patients to create better experiences for clinical study participants, caregivers, and families, they do not always have the tools for engaging patients in measuring patients’ experiences during a clinical study.

TransCelerate’s Study Participant Feedback Questionnaire (SPFQ) is a set of three questionnaires given to study participants at the beginning of, during and end of a clinical study. The SPFQ is designed for sponsors to facilitate the collection of real-time feedback from patients participating in a clinical study. This real-time feedback may help identify burden/impact and to inform steps to help improve the experience and make studies less burdensome to patients.

Webinar Learning Objectives

  • An Introduction to TransCelerate & the Patient Experience (PE) Initiative
  • Overview of the Study Participant Feedback Questionnaire (SPFQ) Toolkit including a preview of the:
    • SPFQ Socialization Presentation
    • SPFQ Implementation User Guide
    • SPFQ Questionnaire (start of study, during study, and end of study