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Industry Event

Evolution Summit

This invite-only conference explores the key aspects and issues related to drug development. Some of the key issues for Spring 2024 include: 

  • Intelligent Drug Development: Exploring the utilization of AI to accelerate drug development and assessing the scalability of its implementation
  • Pushing the Envelope on Health Equity: Meaningfully advancing DEI in clinical trials through a diversity action plan that works
  • Empowering Patients! Defining the critical involvement of patients in clinical trial operations and embedding the patient voice throughout the drug lifecycle
  • Defining the Industry’s Future: Reimagining the operating model and assessing the future of clinical operation
  • Sponsor-Site Relationship Goals: Creating a solid site engagement strategy and evaluating sponsors’ role in influencing a more streamlined site operation
  • Becoming an Industry of Choice: Employing approaches to tackling recruitment, gaining industry exposure and ultimately retaining skilled employees

TransCelerate’s Program Director Ashley Pachter will participate on the panel, “Empowering Patients! Defining the Critical Involvement of Patients in Clinical Trial Operations.” Year after year, there is a greater understanding industry-wide that patients are the stakeholders underpinning the entire spectrum of trial design and execution. Rather than mere passive involvement, sponsors have a great openness to working collaboratively with patients throughout the lifecycle of the drug. Despite patient centricity being voiced in the industry for years, there is still a struggle for many sponsor companies to implement a structured engagement process. This mix of panelists representing small and large pharma companies will explore:

  • Evaluating where we are now as an industry and detailing the future of patient centricity
  • Exploring the effective implementation of a structure patient engagement strategy
  • Embedding the patient voice throughout the drug lifecycle