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TransCelerate Event

Digital Data Flow (DDF): Connectathon Results and Outcomes

TransCelerate’s Digital Data Flow (DDF) initiative aims to transform clinical studies by enabling end-to-end digital exchange of study definition information.  The DDF Initiative recently hosted a three-week Connectathon event to experiment and demonstrate how stakeholder applications integrate and deploy the CDISC Unified Study Definitions Model (USDM) and the connectivity and interoperability of these applications to the Study Definitions Repository Reference Implementation (SDR RI).

Slides from the webinar can be viewed here.

Watching the webinar, viewers will:

  • Hear an overview of the DDF Connectathon, participants, and what the Connectathon entailed
  • Learn about the innovative solutions, demonstrations, and experiment outcomes related to the SDR RI and the DDF system.

This webinar is targeted towards:

  • Functional and Technology Vendors involved in clinical trials
  • Sponsors and CROs