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TransCelerate Event

Digital Data Flow: Announcing the 30-Day Virtual Hackathon

This webinar took place on February 20, 2020. You can watch a recording of the webinar on our YouTube Channel and download a PDF of the presentation.

The TransCelerate Digital Data Flow initiative (DDF) will conduct a virtual Hackathon in spring of 2020 to:

  • Evaluate feasibility of the published Solution Framework and Conceptual Design;
  • Assess vendor readiness to build such a solution, and bring visibility to DDF;
  • During the Hackathon, multiple vendors will develop technical demonstrations of components of a study builder, design repository, and/or exchange platform;
  • The learnings from the Hackathon will be used to inform design elements as well as the future direction of the DDF project.

This free, pre-Hackathon planning webinar is intended to communicate to vendors the details of the Hackathon process, describe user stories and mock data that will be used during the Hackathon, and other details about the Hackathon.

Webinar Learning Objectives:

• Provide information on the DDF Hackathon process.

• Describe user stories and mock data that will be used in Hackathon prototyping activities.

• Provide prototyping success criteria

• Identify vendors interested in potential future collaboration. Collaboration model TBD.

Target Audience:

The primary audience is technology vendors (e.g. platform developers, service providers, API/integrators, start-ups), interested in participating in the TransCelerate Digital Data Flow Virtual Hackathon.