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The 2023 DIA Japan Annual Meeting invites industry, regulatory government, academics, and patients to network, problem-solve, and discuss challenges facing the life sciences community.

On November 7, join TransCelerate BioPharma for a DIAmond session, “Modernizing Research Globally: A Multi-Stakeholder Discussion Focused on Accelerating Innovation & Improving Patient Experiences.” The recent past seen unprecedented events from global pandemics and public distrust of biopharma to international conflicts between countries. The biopharma R&D ecosystem responded by innovating on a rapid scale to ensure clinical trial continuity and serve the needs of patients. The success of these efforts is a direct result of all stakeholders working together for the benefit of humanity.

To continue this positive trajectory towards more innovative clinical trials and improved patient experience, all stakeholders—including global Health Authorities—will need to collaborate. This DIAmond session will show how stakeholders across biopharma R&D have come together to develop pragmatic solutions that are foundational to enabling the future of drug development. This panel will feature biopharma industry leaders at the top of their field candidly discussing why everyone must work together to drive innovation in the R&D ecosystem, shape the future of healthcare, and bridge the gap between clinical research and clinical care.

Panelists include:

  • Takuko Sawada, Director & Vice Chairman of the Board, Shionogi Ltd. & TransCelerate BioPharma Board of Directors
  • Janice Chang, Chief Executive Officer, TransCelerate BioPharma
  • Tadaaki Taniguchi, Chief Medical Officer, Head of Medical & Development, Astellas
  • Kazuhiko Mori, Senior Managing Director, Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
  • Kenichi Nakamura, Director, International Clinical Trial Development, National Cancer Center Hospital
  • Kenichi Tamiya, Associate Executive Director, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices Association

Additionally, TransCelerate’s Intelligent Automation Opportunities in Pharmacovigilance for the session and panel “We’ve Come This Far! Implementation of Automation of Safety.” TransCelerate members Oeystein Kjoersvik (MSD) and Hirotami Ohara (Sanofi K.K.) will present on “Process Automation Using Robotics, Process Improvement Using Artificial Intelligence.” Other speakers in this session include Inderdip Khorana (IQVIA Services Japan), Kenji Kuramochi (PMDA), and Makoto Morita (JPMA & Pfizer Japan).

TransCelerate’s Clinical Content & Reuse Initiative will participate in two sessions for “Beyond ICH M11: How will Protocol Data Transform Drug Development?” with TransCelerate speaker Hideo Takaura (Novartis Pharma K.K.).