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Industry Event

DIA Japan 2020

In recent years, while the fourth industrial revolution progresses, various new initiatives on innovation, which lead to novel values or substantial changes in healthcare product research & development, have begun by creation and usage of brand new ideas and technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and utilization of medical and genome information.

There are two categories of innovation; disruptive innovation, which could bring drastic changes in the way we think and do things, and sustaining innovation, which could bring an improvement of products and services by using technology refinement in the existing platform. Important thing is that; we need to actively learn the cutting-edge technologies supporting various innovations, continuously think how our day-to-day work is going to change in the future, and create skills and mindset which could cope with various new changes. Meanwhile, we would like to encourage key stakeholders in healthcare to step back and think about if the values and changes brought by such innovations would really contribute to health and welfare of patients.