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Industry Event

DIA Global Annual Meeting​

Join TransCelerate for a multitude of sessions at DIA Global 2021, including:

  • Intelligent Automation Opportunities in Pharmacovigilance: “From Opportunity to Strategy: Introducing Intelligent Automation Technologies within Pharmacovigilance for the ICSR Process”
  • Modernization of Statistical Analytics: “The Journey to a Modernization of Analytics”
  • Digital Data Flow: “Breaking the Document Paradigm to Digitize Study Start Up: TransCelerate’s Digital Data Flow Initiative”
  • TransCelerate: “Breaking the Myth that Nice People Finish Last: A Revisit of the Golden Rule”
  • DataCelerate: “The Important Role of Project Management in Times of Crisis: Managing a Multi-Organization Team to Deliver a COVID-19 Data Sharing Module in Seven Months”
  • Intelligent Automation Opportunities in Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Content & Reuse: “Artificial Intelligence Validation Framework: Is it new and different?”

In addition to these sessions, make sure to check out three e-posters that will also be presented at DIA this year. They are:

  • Patient Technology Toolkit Value Journey: An Illustrative Use Case
  • Toolkits to help amplify the patient voice in clinical research
  • Presentation of Safety Risks Throughout the Product Lifecycle


Click the link below to view our DIA one pager with all sessions linked: 

DIA Annual ’21 One Pager