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Decentralized Clinical Trials

The Decentralized Clinical Trials Conference covers four tracks relating to decentralized clinical trials: Explore the Real Value of Decentralized and Hybrid Clinical Trials; Patient Centricity, Diversity and Inclusion; Partnership, Consortiums and Site Perspectives; and Regulatory Updates and Technology Digitalisation.

On 20 April 2023 at 10:00 a.m. EST/EDT, William Illis, Global Head, Collaboration & Technology Strategy, Global Drug Development at Novartis is presenting “Accelerating Clinical Research: A Multistakeholder Approach, Digital Data Flow from Protocol Design to Electronic Data Capture.” This presentation on behalf of the Digital Data Flow Initiative will address:

  • Learn how standardized protocol dataflows can be used to automate decentralized clinical trials.
  • Understand the scope and progress of the Digital Data Flow initiative at TransCelerate
  • Prepare for implementations of Release 2 of the CDISC Unified Study Definitions Model (USDM) protocol data standard and the associated open-source Study Definitions Repository (SDR)
  • Hear how you can contribute to further development in a unique pharma – technology provider partnership
  • Recognize the interoperability benefits of protocol-based digital data flow and the challenges of change management