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TransCelerate Event

Connect-a-thon: Digital Data Flow: Organizing and Automating The Study Protocol

Join our Digital Data Flow Initiative for the TransCelerate Connect-a-thon: Organizing and Automating The Study Protocol from September 12-30, 2022. This virtual event will focus on practical ways that companies have and can use the SDR RI and the USDM.

Attend this virtual event to learn about: 

  • Increase stakeholder knowledge and awareness of the DDF solution across the industry through direct and interactive engagement with a functioning SDR RI
  • Better plan for future SDR RI and USDM development through stakeholder stress testing and feedback on the latest release
  • Gather feedback from stakeholders on features that may not have been previously considered
  • Cultivate and foster a DDF open-source community through cross-industry collaborations.

This event is a virtual event for sponsor companies, life sciences technology vendors, CROs, and other stakeholders to experiment and test how well their applications align to the CDISC Unified Study Definitions Model (USDM) and the connectivity and interoperability of these applications with the Study Definitions Repository Reference Implementation (SDR RI). To learn more click here.