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Industry Event

CDISC Europe Interchange 2023

Join TransCelerate’s Digital Data Flow Initiative on 26 April 2023  at CDISC Europe Interchange 2023. CDISC’s Dave Iberson-Hurtz will an update on TransCelerate’s Study Definitions Repository Reference Implementation in the session “CDISCs Activities on DDF, Benefits for the Community and Looking Ahead.”

The SDR Reference Implementation is based on a Unified Study Definitions Model (USDM) developed by CDISC. The SDR Reference Implementation enables the format of information from a digitized protocol and other sources to be standardized and stored centrally.  This allows information to be passed to systems through application programming interfaces (APIs) used for study execution and data collection and reused throughout the clinical development lifecycle.

Additional TransCelerate sessions include:

  • “Protocol Optimization with DDF” with Siddarth Shah, ZS Associates
  • “Using DDF to Drive Clinical Data Automation” with Suman Kumar, Deloitte and Girish Rajeev, Takeda
  • “Automating the Digital Data Flow with a Standards Foundation” with Raj Indupuri, eClinical Solutions
  • “Automating Study Start-Up with Digital Data Flow” with Bron Kisler, Nurocor
  • Panel Discussion