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TransCelerate Event

A Privacy Methodology to Improve Cross-Industry Data Sharing: An Informational Session for the Public Review Period

Secondary reuse of clinical trial data can help reduce patient burden and generate key scientific insights that further the development of medications to help patients. However, differences in privacy methodologies can make it difficult to compare data from different sources. TransCelerate has combined the emergent thinking and best practices from its Member Companies into recommendations and considerations for a privacy methodology. While initially developed for use in clinical data sharing through TransCelerate, TransCelerate is interested in determining whether the proposed methodology could be useful to other industry stakeholders and data-sharing platforms. The proposed methodology aims to greatly improve transparency and reduce the variability in the data protection methods applied by companies to safeguard personal data, in ways that better enable the secondary reuse of structured patient-level clinical trial data shared in a controlled environment.

This webinar recording explores the development of the methodology, the proposed recommendations detailed, and the public comment period TransCelerate is engaging to seek and incorporate diverse stakeholder feedback from across the ecosystem.

Slides from the webinar can be viewed here.

This session is targeted towards professionals who have an interest in pseudonymization/anonymization of clinical trial data for secondary reuse, including vendors, CROs, industry organizations, data sharing initiatives, and regulators.