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Solutions Available in Additional Languages

This page is dedicated to sharing some of our assets translated* into local languages with the broader global community for potential use. TransCelerate’s Member Companies drive the decisions around what will be translated based on feedback they are receiving within local geographies.

Common Protocol Template
Form Title
Available Languages

Basic Word Edition Core Template

MS Word enabled format and content template for the protocol, containing a common heading structure, common text, suggested text, and all CPT libraries. Includes a prerequisite analyzer to assess the environment prior to installation. Requires installation of template and add-ins on your workstation.

Patient Library

Contains content pertinent to studies in patients.

Site Qualification & Training
Form Title
Available Languages

Form FDA 1572 – Guidance for Completion

Intends to assist sites with the interpretation of FDA’s 1571/1572 forms and guidance.

Financial Disclosure Form (FIDS)

Form intended for use by Clinical Investigators to disclose their financial interests for the period of time he or she participated in the study and for one year following the end of his or her participation in the study (as required by the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations 21CFR54) to the Study Sponsor.

Facility Profile Form

A questionnaire for collecting site capability information (off-line version of form inside Shared Investigator Platform).

For reference only – please complete the forms in English, whether  uploading to the Shared Investigator Platform or submitting to the sponsor as an offline form.

Facility Profile Form Guidance

Overview of the intention of the facility profile form.

Facility Profile Form FAQs

Most frequently asked questions around the facility profile form.

Principal Investigator Oversight Informational Program

Informational program outlining the basic components related to Principal Investigator oversight of clinical trials.

Adverse Events and Safety

Explains and defines an Adverse Event. Describes the Investigator’s role and responsibilities regarding Subject Safety and reporting requirements for Serious Adverse Events.

Clinical Research Overview

Introduces and describes the phases of a Clinical Research Study and the various study designs.

Clinical Practice vs Clinical Research

An overview of the differences between the activities which occur when managing patients during routine Clinical Practice versus the activities when you are managing subjects as part of a Clinical Research Study.

Conducting a Study

Explains the three stages of study conduct phases including the subject enrollment/recruitment period, the ongoing maintenance and the subject exit/completion phase including the tasks and activities associated with these stages.

IRB/IEC Responsibilities and Informed Consent

Overview of the purpose and activities of the IRB/IEC and the Investigator’s responsibilities in accordance with ICH-GCP. Describes the process of informed consent and the responsibilities of the Investigator when obtaining informed consent.

Delegation and Training

An overview of study task delegation and the importance of providing/documents study training for site staff.

Source Documentation

A review of the terms source data and source documents. Describes the key attributes of source documents, the intent of ALCOA and CCEA and describes the appropriate processes for creating, maintaining and storing source documents.

Investigational Product

Overview of the basics of Investigational Product management and use during a clinical trial. Topics include inventory and temperature control and recommendations for source documentation.

Essential Documents for a Clinical Study

Describes the requirements for Clinical Study essential documents. Describes the type of essential documents collected for a Clinical Study during the different study phases.

Facilities and Equipment

Describes the equipment and resourcing needs of a research center.

Monitoring and Auditing

Describes the routine monitoring and auditing activities which occur during a clinical study. This topic includes information on the purpose, what to expect, and tips to prepare for these Sponsor activities.

Quality Management System
Form Title
Available Languages

Clinical QMS Concept Paper- From Vision to Conceptual Framework

Chronicles the evolution of a TransCelerate paper on the conceptual Clinical QMS framework, and helps readers understand global clinical trial stakeholder perspective.

Issue Management Manuscript

Assists clinical development organizations in understanding the benefits and basic components of an issue management system.

Patient Experience
Form Title
Available Languages

Patient Protocol Engagement Toolkit (P-PET) Resource Guide Version 1

The Patient Protocol Engagement Toolkit (P-PET) Resource Guide provides a set of sample questions for consideration during the patient engagement. Examples of visual aids are also included to facilitate clear communication of study design and protocol-related concepts to patients.

P-PET PAB Sample Template

Template to help support engagement discussions with patients/Patient Advisory Boards (PAB).

P-PET PAB Thank You Note: Sample Template

Template to help support engagement discussions with patients/Patient Advisory Boards (PAB).

P-PET PAB Satisfaction Survey: Patient Advisor Template

Template to help support engagement discussions with patients/Patient Advisory Boards (PAB).

P-PET PAB Patient Advisor Report Template

Template to help support engagement discussions with study teams.

Study Participant Feedback Questionnaire (SPFQ) Socialization Presentation

Inform key stakeholders within your organization of the value of using the SPFQ in your clinical studies. The socialization deck offers customizable materials providing an introduction to the SPFQ and how it may improve patient centricity in your studies.

Study Participant Feedback Questionnaire (SPFQ) Implementation User Guide

The SPFQ Implementation User Guide is intended to support each sponsor company’s customization and implementation of the SPFQ.

Study Participant Feedback Questionnaire (SPFQ)

The SPFQ is a set of three brief patient questionnaires designed to capture patients’ experiences at the beginning, during, and end of each clinical study, independent of disease and treatment.

*The documents above are translations of TransCelerate deliverables which were originally developed in English. TransCelerate did not prepare the translations, nor has it verified the accuracy or word usage included. TransCelerate therefore disclaims any responsibility for any lack of accuracy, clarity or incorrect word usage contained in these assets.