Show Appreciation to Clinical Study Participants

TransCelerate, in partnership with patients/care partners, sites, and industry sponsors, developed the Gratitude Toolkit (GRAT), a set of deliverables that sponsors, with their site partners, can leverage to acknowledge and show appreciation to clinical trial participants. The GRAT streamlines options and tactics, providing a compilation of deliverables for study teams in healthcare for ease of implementation, with reduced friction and time.

This toolkit further supports the Patient Experience Initiative’s vision of improving engagement and partnership between biopharmaceutical companies and patients/care partners to create better experiences for clinical study participants.

The Gratitude Toolkit Webinar provides a high-level overview of TransCelerate’s Gratitude Toolkit, how it was developed, and a deeper dive into each of its three assets. View the webinar presentation and supporting FAQ.

The Gratitude Toolkit​​ contains the following assets: