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Shared Investigator Platform


Clinical trial sponsors and research sites are required to use many different websites and maintain multiple login accounts to perform clinical trial responsibilities and communicate with study sponsors. The Shared Investigator Platform (SIP) Initiative will establish a single platform to deliver content and services to Investigator Sites, and provide a single point of access for interaction with participating clinical trial sponsors.


The Shared Investigator Platform will facilitate interaction with multiple clinical trial sponsors, and enable study planning, study start-up and study conduct activities while reducing the administrative burden on site staff by:

  • Providing central system access via one user account login and password
  • Delivering harmonized processes, content and services
  • Reducing redundant requests for information and training, and increasing the automation and re-use of data


TransCelerate Member Companies that choose to adopt the SIP can increase engagement with investigative sites and eliminating company-specific portal development and maintenance costs. Additionally, the harmonized information model will allow expanded insights to clinical trials for regulatory bodies in a future release.

Available Assets

Both the site staff and the sponsor user can perform study planning, study start-up and study conduct activities in SIP. To learn more about Investigator and Sponsor use of SIP and planned SIP releases, please click to our Initiative Assets.


Similar Initiatives

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The Investigator Registry initiative enhances TransCelerate’s Shared Investigator Platform, and accelerates identification and recruitment of qualified investigators, which will avoid duplication of standard site qualification and the creation of investigator documentation, and thereby reducing cost and trial length.


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