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Clinical Research Awareness


The Clinical Research Awareness Initiative targets TransCelerate’s strategic priority of improving the patient experience by better informing patients.

Clinical trial participation is often not considered by patients or their health care providers and is driven by, among other factors, a lack of familiarity and general public engagement with clinical research. Meanwhile, the role of patients and health consumers continues to evolve as they take more ownership of their own health care and decisions about care options.

Clinical Research Awareness seeks to educate the public about clinical research and encourage conversations about clinical trials between patients and their health care providers.


We ultimately expect to help enable:

  • Increased awareness and public engagement with clinical research
  • More frequent and clear discussions about clinical trials between patients and their health care providers
  • More patients and health care providers better equipped to make informed decisions about clinical trial options

Available Assets

The following assets are expected to be delivered by this initiative:

  • Clinical research awareness campaign
  • Tools and informational assets (resources) supporting clinical trial conversations between patients and health care providers
  • Published information about the experiences that industry stakeholders have had using clinical trial conversation resources.

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