Ideation Challenge

TransCelerate remains convinced that the only way these challenging problems can be addressed is through collaboration. Since launching in 2012, TransCelerate has invested in simplifying and accelerating the research and development of innovative new therapies. Through tackling initiatives such as Risk Based Monitoring, Site Qualification & Training, and the Comparator Network, we are building the bridge to the future of research and development together.

To create even more efficiencies in the way we go about R&D processes, we are looking to tap into the rich and varied experiences from our member companies to identify parts of the R&D ecosystem that are riddled with inadequacies we have yet shared our insights around.

Our framework for Ideation is based on the concept of Ideation Challenges, which are aspirational statements that paint a picture for the future of drug development to catalyze and focus ideation activities. We invite responses to these challenges in the form of proposals that are matured and refined in an open and collaborative environment, utilizing our online Ideation Platform.

Currently, the TransCelerate Ideation Challenges are only open to employees of TransCelerate Member Companies. For other related inquiries please contact

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