Relative to conventional booklet labels found with investigational medicinal products (IMP), eLabels can:

  • Provide patients with easy-to-find and useful information, the ability to adjust font size and select language preferences.
  • Present sites with rapid access to up-to-date information, greater efficiencies in labeling approaches, and lays a foundation for connecting with the patient about their medication.
  • Introduce clinical trial sponsors to a streamlined labeling process, which allows medicine to reach patients quicker.

On the journey to digitally supported, patient-centric clinical supply chains, TransCelerate’s eLabels Initiative has developed an implementation toolkit to facilitate voluntary, modular adoption of eLabels and to assist with Health Authority engagement.

The materials below provide for an understanding of eLabels benefits and guidance on implementation.

Want to quickly understand the benefits of eLabels? Check out this animation.

Engage with this video on the eLabels Wireframe Concept.

eLabels Materials



A high-level roadmap of activities that facilitate voluntary implementation of eLabels.

A template which can be used in support of developing an eLabels business case within an organization.