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Toxicology Data Sharing: Leveraging Data Sharing
To Enable Better Decision Making In Research And
This paper examines the experiences of the
BioCelerate team in designing, building and using
DataCelerate®, a scalable platform used to initially
share de-identified toxicology and background
control data. It also examines the long-term
vision for nonclinical data sharing, the evolution
of use cases beyond TDS, and the readiness
of industry and other stakeholder groups to
contribute to this holistic value proposition.

System Use Cases



Use-Case Focus

Identity Management
  • De-identification of structured and unstructured data
Import & Export
  • Data import for structured (e.g. CDISC) and unstructured data (e.g. PDF)
  • Data export for de-identified and harmonized data
Data & Document Management
  • Linkages between datasets
  • Derivation of background data (pre-treatment & control animal)
  • Data harmonization
  • Unit conversion
  • Search unstructured/structured data
Data Visualization
  • Search unstructured/structured data