A Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) is an independent body that evaluates accumulating clinical trial data, monitors patient safety and efficacy, and ensures the trial’s validity and integrity.

In response to the growing demand for qualified and skilled individuals to serve on trial sponsor-independent DMCs, the TransCelerate DMC Initiative developed a prototype of a DMC Registry which, in concept, would serve as a central repository of information on individuals who wish to take on this role. This Registry would be a publicly-available resource that collects relevant data on interested clinical research professionals, whether they have previously served as a DMC member or are interested in doing so, but lack prior DMC experience.

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What is the DMC Registry Prototype?

*Direct engagement with the DMC Registry and the creation of a profile are unavailable at this time.
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Provides a video overview of the DMC Registry prototype. The Registry is a venue for showcasing a candidate’s skills, interests and experience. Clinical trial sponsors looking to convene a DMC could access this candidate information in recruiting DMC members, ensuring effective staffing of these critical committees.

Demonstrates the purpose and functionality of the proposed DMC Registry.

Provides a high-level overview of the proposed apprenticeship model. The Apprenticeship Model intends to expose clinical research professionals with little or no prior DMC experience, who are interested in serving on a DMC, to the interim data monitoring process firsthand and the chance to discuss this experience and the questions arising from it with a more experienced DMC member.