A central element to the modern transformation of research and development (R&D) is TransCelerate’s ability to harness the expertise and innovation found in each of its Member Companies and combine it with the insights of key clinical research stakeholders.

Since 2012, TransCelerate BioPharma Inc. has designed solutions that have greatly impacted the R&D process. These solutions have improved common pain points, disrupted the clinical development paradigm, and have brought benefits to stakeholders across the industry, including sites, patients, sponsors and regulators.

To showcase the value of our Initiatives, our Member Companies are sharing their examples of transformational experiences that explore these key themes:

Driving innovative thinking and accelerating decision making to help bring medications to patients faster.

Access & Accuracy:
Providing real-time access to accurate data to propel predictability, improve options and optimize clinical operations, reducing patient burden and shortening development timelines.

Efficiency & Quality:
Streamlining processes, improving collaboration, and focusing on quality ‘issues that matter’, which helps improve the clinical trial experience for patients and sites.


Check out how TransCelerate is making an impact on clinical research by improving the patient and site experience, harmonizing processes and sharing information, and enhancing sponsor efficiencies.


Implementing global policies for data transparency

Thinking outside the box using the Placebo and Standard of Care Data Solution

Comparator Network helps ensure access to seasonal flu vaccine


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