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Clinical Research Awareness & Access


The Clinical Research Awareness & Access Initiative targets TransCelerate’s strategic priority of improving the patient experience by enabling a better informed patient.

Clinical trial participation is often not considered as an option for medical care and can be difficult to pursue given a lack of relevant and actionable information on clinical trial opportunities. Meanwhile, the role and expectations of patients and health consumers continue to evolve as they take more ownership of their own health care and health data.

Clinical Research Awareness & Access seeks to facilitate and support sponsors’ efforts to make clinical trial information, data and participation more transparent, more accessible, and more patient-friendly. The aim is to give patients the tools and options they need to make informed choices about volunteering and/or continuing participation in clinical research, based on a robust understanding of the benefits and risks to them and to the healthcare system more broadly.


We ultimately expect to help achieve:

  • Increased awareness of, and public engagement with, clinical research
  • Improved availability of meaningful information on clinical trial opportunities
  • More informed and empowered study participants

Available Assets

The following assets will be delivered by this initiative:

  • Key messages, content, and structured approach for a clinical trial awareness campaign
  • A position paper on transparency of relevant site contact information
  • Potential options for effectively sharing meaningful data, results, and study information with patients (considering the full trial life cycle – before, during and after)
  • An exploration of mechanisms and tools available (or create where lacking) to help increase accessibility and functionality for patients during trial search

Please check back for more information.

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