Designed with patients, for patients.

TransCelerate’s Clinical Research Access & Information Exchange Initiative aims to help the industry better inform patients by facilitating improved touchpoints with information about clinical research and specific clinical trial opportunities.

TransCelerate’s solutions are designed through collaboration with multiple stakeholders across the ecosystem. Specifically, we have led a series of iterative design workshops to co-create our Clinical Trial Registry of the Future concept in partnership with patients. We have and will continue to obtain and incorporate important perspectives from patients, clinical trial sites, healthcare providers, and government agencies.

Learn how you can further contribute to enabling patient-focused enhancements to public clinical trial registries, improving patients’ options for contact with investigative sites, and improving trial participant information exchange.

Educational Material for the Clinical Trial Registry of the Future

Clinical Trial Registry of the Future:

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Clinical Trial Registry of the Future

  • TransCelerate invites you to comment on the Clinical Trial Registry of the Future concept. Please share your thoughts and additional recommendations on the Perspective and Call to Action proposed by TransCelerate, and help us build a movement around more patient-focused public clinical trial registries and access to information about trials.

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Clinical Trial Registry of the Future Videos

What is the Clinical Trial Registry of the Future?

Narrated video describes the purpose of the Clinical Trial Registry of the Future concept and the principles of its design.

Searching for Clinical Trials

Narrated video highlights new ways patients might search for and narrow down clinical trial options, as demonstrated in the Clinical Trial Registry of the Future concept.

Evaluating a Clinical Trial

Narrated video highlights information and features proposed in the Clinical Trial Registry of the Future concept aimed at providing patients a more robust experience when evaluating or considering a clinical trial.

Other Clinical Trial Registry of the Future Materials



Proposal illustrates the challenges patients, their family members and healthcare professionals face when interacting and understanding the vast clinical research information available through government-sponsored registries, and provides a perspective, illustrative proof of concept, and call to action to advance multi-stakeholder collaboration on potential improvements to clinical trial registries.

eBook illustrates the step-by-step user experience and functions featured on each screen in the Clinical Trial Registry of the Future proof of concept.

Educational Material for Site Contact & Information Exchange



Paper offers guidance on a practical first step toward closing the gap between individuals willing to participate in clinical trials and the enrolling investigative sites for those trials, by making it easier to contact site locations through clinical trial registry listings.

Graphic showcases patient reported data around the process of searching for clinical trials and what information they are expecting prior, during and after participating in a clinical trial.

Infographic highlights potential communication opportunities to provide the information patients are looking for along the clinical trial continuum.

This paper reviews data collected by TransCelerate around information exchange in clinical trials, including insights from patients, sponsors, sites and healthcare professionals, and provides potential opportunities to improve participants’ experience with clinical trials through greater transparency.